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40Ar/39Ar geochronology has had a profound impact on the Earth system sciences since its introduction in 1965. Here in the Argon Geochronology Laboratory at Oregon State University (OSU) we have been employing this dating method ever since 1977 with a focus on volcanism in both the marine and terrestrial environment to improve the geochronology of the ocean crust, ocean island volcanism, large igneous provinces, lunar and planetary rocks, hydrothermal minerals and clays, and so on …


This NSF-sponsored facility is directed by Prof. Koppers and open to visiting scientists and students from across and outside the USA. These principal investigators have built up strong research programs with an emphasis on the geochronology of ocean basin volcanism, including the dating of the ocean floor, seamounts, volcanic islands and large igneous provinces.

Anthony Koppers
Lab Director
anthony.koppers @oregonstate.edu

Dan Miggins
Lab Manager
daniel.miggins @oregonstate.edu

Daniel Heaton
Lab Manager
daniel.heaton @oregonstate.edu

Kevin Henry
Lab Technician
kevin.henry @oregonstate.edu

Emily Cahoon
emily.cahoon @oregonstate.edu

Peter Davidson
PhD Candidate
peter.davidson @oregonstate.edu

Sarah Beethe
PhD Student
sarah.beethe @oregonstate.edu

Bob Duncan
Director Emeritus
bob.duncan @oregonstate.edu